We, Yoroibashi Partners, provide comprehensive legal services. Our clients vary from family-run small companies to listed ones. We handle corporate legal affairs of various scales, industries, and business categories, and besides, we deal with general civil cases such as inheritance, divorce and traffic accidents, and criminal cases.

Our goal is always to provide our clients with speedy, cost-efficient, and effective solutions in a manner that puts clients' needs first. In order to provide our clients with truly demanded legal services, regardless of whether a client is a corporation or an individual, a lawyer needs not only high level of expertise but also knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields. Each of our lawyers has cultivated our expertise and gained experience in a wide range of fields at major international law firms in Japan.

In addition, we work with specialists in other fields such as certified public accountants, tax accountants, judicial scriveners, patent attorneys, social insurance laborers, etc., and have established a system that can provide the best solutions to clients.




Our areas of expertise include M&A, share transfers, company splits and business transfers, group reorganization, etc.
In particular, we conduct legal due diligence in M&A transactions, prepare documents related to M&A transactions (including drafting contracts), analyze and give advises on management's legal responsibilities, and provide legal opinions regarding M&A transactions.


Labor Law

Because the field of labor law is subject to frequent amendments of laws and orders,management team is required to be well-informed about the latest legal knowledge. Also, management team should be careful about this area from a perspective of compliance.
Our law firm utilize our expertise backed by our abundant experience in labor matters to resolve labor disputes between employees and management such as dismissal, retirement, termination of employment, change of labor conditions, monitoring working hours, unpaid wages, power harassment and sexual harassment, etc. We also deal with disputes with labor unions concerning collective bargaining and unfair labor practices and so on.
Furthermore, we recognize that in the field of labor law it is highly important to establish a mechanism to prevent disputes in advance by establishing and amending rules of employment and other labor rules. Therefore, we also provide legal advice on labor risk-management.


Business Successions

When conducting a business succession, the issues to be examined and how to deal with such issues vary depending on the type of the succession; succession within relatives, succession to employees and succession to third parties through M&A.
We make advices on the implementation of various measures necessary for proper business succession and assist business owners and their successors to reduce the burden on them as much as possible; we select appropriate type of succession based on the situation of owners, provide advice on content of business and distribution of personnel corresponding to each type of business succession, improve business environment including relationships with financial institutions and other interested parties, develop business plans and calculate corporate value in cooperation with other specialists (certified accountants, tax accountants, etc.).


Disputes over management rights

If a business succession is not conducted smoothly, it may develop into a dispute over management rights. The most important thing to prevent a dispute over management right is, of course, to conduct business succession smoothly, but in case a dispute arises, you need to take appropriate measures promptly at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors.
We have vast experience and track records regarding disputes over management rights, and are always ready to deal with it appropriately and swiftly.


IT Law
System Development Lawsuits

When you outsource system development, regrettably, you often get involved in troubles caused by increasing requirements and costs, schedule delays, quality issues, etc. during projects.
We protect our clients against disputes related to system development with our plentiful know-how obtained from our experience. We are also focusing on preventive legal advice such as drafting outsourcing contracts from the perspective of avoiding disputes in advance as well as preparing for disputes in future assuming a bad situation.


Support Start-up Company

We work on a wide range of corporate legal affairs, including drafting various contracts and advising on labor issues, financing, M&A, IPO support, general meeting of shareholders and board of directors, etc. We offer maximum support that enables management of start-up company to make business decisions timely and appropriately by providing first-class legal services in every field promptly.


General Corporate Law

In association with general corporate activities, companies are inseparable from various corporate laws: Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Labor Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Antitrust Act, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, Consumer Contract Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information and so on. Based on our broad practical experience, we deal with issues and draft and review contracts in such fields.



In the modern society where information technology has been developing, there are an increasing number of incidents where libelous information is transmitted and personal privacy rights are infringed not only through mass media but also through the Internet. The problem of defamation is not fire on the other side of the river; there are many situations in which corporate value is damaged by reporting false facts about the company or transmitting it on the Internet.
In order to protect clients’ honor and privacy rights timely and appropriately, we represent our client in out-of-court negotiations with the news media, filing for injunction orders, request for disclosure of sender information or deletion of libelous information based on the Provider Liability Limitation Act, and also, we provide advices on criminal complaints.


Dispute Resolutions

We dedicate efforts to realize the rights of our clients by handling lawsuits in various fields (including provisional disposition and compulsory execution) promptly and appropriately.
In addition, based on our vast experience in dealing with disputes, we propose the best possible solutions, including not only litigation but also negotiations, mediation, labor trials and ADR depending on a client’s situation.


General Civil Cases

It is a matter of course that we understand client’s needs in each case such as traffic accidents, inheritance, divorce, real estate troubles, etc. What we committed to is understand a client’s situation and background; we investigate and grasp facts carefully and supply legal services to ensure the client’s maximum profit.


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